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When in doubt, think.

Day 10: Blog tinkering tips

* This is my last entry to the 30-day blogging project which I intended to pursue.

Love tinkering with your blog? I understand. Most of my free time is spent on fixing things here and there on WordPress. Tonight, I detoured again, thus delaying this post, because there were details I missed out on badly on the first try. My inner discontent would have to eat me up if I didn’t work on the changes. I wish I had a checklist, even just a mental Post-It resembling a plan outline before I  went out on a blogging frenzy.

* Categorize. I overdid this with over five categories before. Trimming them down to five simplifies things for you and your readers. A shortlist lessens the time you spend labeling your posts as, like in literature or cultures or colors, all things can be classified in general terms. Categories also exist mainly to help readers navigate through your posts. You can use cutesy buttons to organize them.

* Tag. Think of keyterms which will define your blog, or each entry. This post will definitely be tagged with ‘blog’ and ‘WordPress’. Check with tools such as the Google Keyword Tool which words people use in search engines, and then craft content that contains them. If you want to dig deep the SEO shiz, talk to the Wizard Moz. Tags and categories for each post on WP must equal to 10, since the platform performs its own optimization.

* Think. Although spontaneity is tempting, it is still distant from discipline. Writing was, has been, and is a disciplined form of self-expression. I myself fell into the trap of creating psychotic nonsense in this space. This is not your cue to be rigid and unbending when it comes to your text and topic, but at the least brainstorm. Be creatively avoiding adding up to the Internet noise. Writing something helpful is better than writing something that does nobody any harm.

When in doubt, think. This is how I roll now. Something has to rule in my mind, heart, soul, and spirit — even as creativity is about freedom. Maybe we just have to redefine freedom (in blogging and in all things), because the ‘freedom’ we know might be ‘a lie’ (Loki, 2012).

Have fun tinkering with your blog! :)